Guru Mahima- A tribute to Guru Indira Rajan

Abhinaya Dance Company presents 
‘Guru Mahima’
Abhinaya dance company offers a tribute to renowned Guru Indra Rajan on the first anniversary of her passing.
Sunday, April 30th @ 4pm
Guru Indra Rajan who passed away on April 29, 2022 hailed from a family of hereditary temple dancers and musicians. She had her early gurukula training under Kutraalam Ganesha Pillai and established herself in Chennai as an accomplished Bharatanatyam exponent, teacher and nattuvangam artist par excellence.  She had been decorated with many honors and awards including Natya Kala Ratnam (1976), Natya Kala Bhushan (1976), Kalaimamani (1991), the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi award (1996) and Acharya Choodamani (2004). Guru Indra Rajan holds a unique place among women nattuvanars, excelling in rendering complicated jati patterns with a flamboyant and vibrant style of reciting the sollukattus. Many renowned dancers had sought her services to conduct their performances, performing the nattuvangam. During her illustrious career of over six decades, she trained over 1000 students in her institution Vadhini Natyalaya, and had the distinction of being selected as one of the ’eminent gurus’ by the South Zone Cultural Centre of the Government of India.
Sunday, April 30th @ 4pm
Tickets- $20-$80
Free for Friends of Abhinaya